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Akademi, Centre of Mixology

As the name suggests, Akademi was built to be a hub for the island’s ever growing mixology scene, and home to bespoke events hosted by some of the world’s most interesting mixologists, artists and chefs.

Reflecting Katamama’s island home of Bali, Akademi’s drinks menu features locally inspired tropical cocktails with unusual ingredients, like mangosteen, jackfruit, salak and many other Indonesian fruits, spices and roots.

“Akademi houses a vast range of locally infused arak, botanicals from the Indonesian archipelago, barrel aged cocktails and a library of cocktail books. We have designed bespoke ceramic, wood and copper cocktail vessels and are championing the best of Bali in so many ways. The menu is more of a drinks guide to explain flavours, which will encourage the guests to drink outside of the box”.

Dre Masso, PTT Family Head of Mixology

Katamama Akademi Centre Of Mixology 00

In the evening, the mood is relaxed and the soundtrack is suitably exotic. Contemporary design and geometric fittings blend with functional decorative touches, like the vast curated vinyl library displayed along the walls, the state-of-the-art audiophile sound system, and Akademi’s custom-made ceramic cocktail beakers. Two dramatic communal terrazzo tables make up the main bar space, suited for studying as much as drinking with a collection of rare and special edition cocktail books and vintage library lamps.

Katamama Akademi Centre Of Mixology 01

Unlike a conventional bar, two fully equipped bar stations are situated so that guests can easily see the bartenders at work. Akademi’s layout and the particularly favourable bartender-to-guest ratio ensures that bartenders and guests have ample opportunities to interact with each other – an important aspect of Akademi.

Master Class

Every two weeks Akademi offers guests the opportunity to discover the craft of mixology through its Master Class series.

Blending history and hands-on learning and tasting, Master Classes are led by one or more of Akademi’s resident mixologists. Occasionally, the focus is on classic cocktails with a tropical twist, other times it is creative exploration of a single ingredient readily found and sourced nearby.

Katamama Akademi Centre Of Mixology 02

For the cocktail curious, these Master Classes offer an opportunity to sharpen their skills, find out about indigenous ingredients and quiz Akademi’s mixologists.

In a previous Master Class, Hary, who leads Akademi’s team of five, shared the secrets behind the two cocktails he presented at the Southeast Asian Finals of the Diageo World Class Mixology competition earlier this year.

Katamama Akademi Centre Of Mixology 03

More recently, the bar played host to Case Study #003 Nutmeg, presented by Jacob, and Case Study #004 Cascara, led by Eka. Each of the ingredients was presented and dissected in front of the guests, who were encouraged to taste a variety of bar-made products, including the infused liqueurs, tinctures and jams that highlighted the specific ingredients.

Cascara, or the coffee fruit skin, was first used in Yemen and infused in hot water along with a heady selection of spices to make a drink called “Qishr,” the inspiration for Eka’s original cocktail.

Katamama Akademi Centre Of Mixology 04

Eka’s Akademi Qishr

Ketel One vodka, cascara arak, rosella arak, lemongrass shrub, citrus, mountain bitters

Katamama Akademi Centre Of Mixology 05

All Master Classes are composed of a short, interactive presentation plus tastings, then guests are invited to craft their own cocktails with the help of the Akademi bartenders.

Akademi’s Cocktail Master Classes are priced at 100k nett for the lesson and two cocktails. Keep up to date with upcoming master classes via Akademi’s Facebook page.

Akademi Facebook

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