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Katamama - Film 002

Katamama launches Made by Artisans, a short film paying homage to the centuries-old craft traditions of Indonesia.

As part of their mission to revive the fading arts of the Indonesian archipelago, Katamama, PTT Family’s first hotel, has produced Made by Artisans, a short film depicting the meticulous handiwork and remarkable dexterity of the thousands of craftspeople who built the hotel piece by piece.

Like the hotel itself, which places handmade fabrics, woodwork, ceramics and other traditional craft works into the modern setting of Katamama, Made by Artisans film transports our crafts community from the traditional setting of their Balinese villages and workshops into a contemporary film studio. 

See how a basket weaver from Tenganan, east Bali, carefully constructs one of our Ata baskets using thousands of strands of orchid vine. Witness the technique involved in hand-carving Katamama’s wooden amenities from unpolished teak, a skill in which artisans in Tukad Balian, Denpasar, are adept. 

Made by Artisans also shows how each of the 1.8 million temple bricks used to construct Katamama’s striking façade were hand-pressed individually, only one step of the brick-making process which takes weeks. 

Capturing and paying respect to the crafts which have been passed down for generations, Made by Artisans is Katamama’s memorial to the artisans of Indonesia and expresses our hope that their traditions will not only live on but be cherished and appreciated for years to come.