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Pier Poretti x Escalier Grace Jones Photography Exhibition

Escalier, Katamama’s sister outlet, featured the distinctive art photography of Pier Poretti as a precursor to Grace Jones Live. 

Katamama Pierporetti Grace Jones 11

In the lead up to Grace Jones Live at Potato Head Beach Club on October 8 this year, Escalier played host to an intriguing photography exhibition, featuring images of the music icon by Swiss-Italian artist Pier Poretti.

Poretti, who has been living in his adopted home of Bali since 1983, takes a very different approach to his art. Always shooting his subjects in black and white, he then hand tints the monochrome prints to add accents of colour, a technique that gives a surrealistic quality to his finished artworks.

Katamama Pierporetti Grace Jones 04

It was during the mid-’70s, when Poretti was living and working in Paris as a fashion photographer, that he first met Grace Jones. Her avant-garde style and striking features appealed to his imagination and his signature photography style perfectly captured her flair. 

Katamama Pierporetti Grace Jones 02

Years later the pair met again in Poretti’s island home of Bali where they embarked on ten days of shooting at locations across the island. Jones was immediately beguiled by Bali, its tropical vibes awakening fond memories of her native Jamaica. 

Katamama Pierporetti Grace Jones 05

The series of photos that Poretti shot during this period have a playful, yet dramatic quality to them, partly due to his choice to have Jones pose with tropical props such as frangipani flowers, tropical fruits and even a Komodo dragon. 

Find out about upcoming events and happenings at Escalier here. (https://www.facebook.com/escalierstore)

Katamama Pierporetti Grace Jones 06
Katamama Pierporetti Grace Jones 01
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