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retaW x Katamama

Of all the senses, smell is the most closely connected to memories. 

Adding to the sensory experience at Katamama, we have collaborated with retaW, a Japanese skin care and lifestyle brand, to create a bespoke reed diffuser oil for our suites. 

Katamama Retaw 02
Katamama Retaw 03

Co-founded in 2008 by Hiroshi Fujiwara, a globally influential Japanese street wear designer, retaW (‘Water’ backwards) uses pure, locally sourced ingredients to construct each of its forward-thinking fragrances. 

Looking to Bali’s vast natural landscapes and ubiquitous temples for inspiration, retaW has custom-made a fragranced oil using water lily, jasmine and cedar wood – an earthy aroma that will induce thoughts of Katamama and its island home. 

The ceramic bottles used are the result of another collaboration, this time with one of Bali’s artisan ceramic workshops, Gaya. Gaya has crafted two signature bottles using a hand-thrown technique to incorporate blue and white, colours that evoke Katamama’s oceanfront setting. 

Katamama Retaw 04
Katamama Retaw 05

We are honoured to be launching the retaW x Katamama reed diffuser at Canaan Bali. It is also now available online at canaanbali.com/shop under retaW.

Katamama Retaw 06
Katamama Retaw 07

The box includes a bottle of retaW x Katamama fragranced oil (100 ml), a ceramic bottle by Gaya and 8 black reeds. 


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