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Blending design, art, fashion, gastronomy and music into the guest experience, Katamama launches the first mix in the music series, ’Lost on an Island with You’

From the coasts of Athens to the shores of Bali -  Chris Kontos has put together an eclectic selection of music for the first in our ‘Lost on an island with you’ playlist series. 

Chris Kontos has been putting out some of the most beautiful mixes over the past several years on a variety of noteworthy platforms, including Non collective, Test Pressing, LN-CC, Noise in My Head, Organic Music Tokyo, and many others. His rare finds and island-esque sound set him apart and make him the perfect candidate to produce the first volume in our new playlist series. Chris is also a photographer shooting for publications, such as Purple, Popeye and Oyster, as well as the founder of Kennedy Magazine.

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