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Wedhar Ruyadi

Wedhar Riyadi spent his childhood obsessed with comics and animation. The early appreciation of visual language during childhood brought Wedhar into the art world early on. As a university student, he became a part of the underground pop and street art movement in the artistically thriving city of Yogyakarta. Wedhar is no longer as active in the underground and street art world, but occasionally he will create illustrations for independent publications or music recordings. Although he no longer makes large outdoor street murals, the raw and edgy nature of street art served as great inspiration for Wedhar and its influence can still be seen in his studio works.

Wedhar Ruyadi Artist 01

Wedhar’s initial breakthrough came in 2008 with a solo exhibition at Ark Galerie in Yogyakarta. His unique paintings paired pop art imagery with day-to-day reality. In 2013, Wedhar explored realist paintings with his own twist. He found old photographs from flea markets, reproduced them, then added cartoonish flourishes, combing reality and fantasy, past and present and pushing viewers to think about how they remember the past.  

Wedhar Ruyadi Artist 08

Top left - Neighbour #3, Top right - Neighbour #2, Bottom left - Friction #1, Bottom right - Friction #2 - Wedhar Riyadi

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