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The sculptor Anusapati is a legendary figure within Indonesian art. Going beyond the presence and looking to the future, Anusapati creates timeless works. Using natural and seemingly modest materials, the artist imbues his creations with deep philosophies to create complex works.

Anusapati 03

Anusapati is part the first generation of Indonesian artists to show their work internationally and to engage with the global art scene. He not only played a part in introducing contemporary Indonesian artists, but Asian artists in general, to the international art world. Anusapati’s use of natural materials and exploration of traditional shapes served as a noted example of artistic styles from a non-Europe country or Western cultures on the world art stage.

Besides his sculpture work, Anusapati is also known for his minimalist charcoal images. The works contrast black blotches, or shadows, against white surfaces and present a nuanced representation of the relationship between humans and nature. Anusapati’s drawings are extremely zoomed in detailed images of a larger picture (usually foliage and other natural materials that he uses in his sculptures) and is often abstract.

Anusapati 05

Pointed Object - Anusapati

The contrast he creates between the light and dark inspires viewers to contemplate the spaces between. The empty white areas are reminiscent of sunrays slipping through the leaves, delivering light and life.

Anusapati lives and works in Yogyajarkta. Aside from creating his own work, he is also an instructor at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.

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